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Family of Christ enjoys a variety of worship experiences which give honor to our Lutheran traditions while embracing and encouraging a contemporary style.  In our worship life together --with contemporary worship teams or choirs, youth groups, bell choirs, instrumentalists, or children’s groups -- we strive to give honor to God in all we do.  We celebrate Holy Communion during each worship service and hold baptisms right in the midst of our regular worship life.  Children, youth, and adults share in leadership and worship assistance.  We expect guests to be with us at any worship service, and welcome their full participation in the service and at the table.  Through our preaching and our singing, we strive to express God’s love for us in Jesus Christ in understandable language, always eager for God’s Word to be relevant for our daily walk of faith.


Summer Worship


Sundays: Living the Letters (an exploration of three of the new testament's letters of encouragement and inspiration for the young Christian churches)  


         8:30 AM       60 minute service that uses hymnbooks and is more traditional


       10:00 AM       60 minute service led by worship team and is more contemporary



Wednesdays (from June 14 - August 9): #connect 


         6:00 PM        easy supper, kids games, arts and crafts


         7:00 PM        worship together


         7:30 PM        dessert, adult activities



Regular Worship Schedule (Sept-May)



        8:00 AM      45 minute traditional service utilizing hymnbooks and sung liturgy

        9:15 AM      60 minute blended service led by choir or worship team 

      10:45 AM      60 minute contemporary service led by worship team 





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August 22, 2017